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How do I use the report writing tool?

You can save hours by using this tool to help you write student reports.

Next to your list of classes, you'll see a link labelled 'Write reports'. Click it.

The report writer is divided into five sections:

At the top is a drop-down menu and back/forward buttons. This is where you select the student you are writing for.
Below this, on the left, is the text box. This is where you type your report, and also where you can insert phrases.
To the right of this is the preview area. This contains your finished report. You can click underlined words in the preview to switch between names and pronouns.
At the bottom-left is your list of new phrases. These are automatically populated from the sentences you type in the text box. They are cleared when you switch students, so if you want to save one for repeat use, click to save them to your phrasebank.
At the bottom-right is the phrasebank. The phrases in here are permanently saved and can be inserted into the text box with a click of the Insert button.

Begin by typing your first report into the text box. When you end a sentence, it will be added to the new phrases list.

If you feel that a phrase may be useful for later students, save it to your phrasebank.

As your phrasebank builds up, your report writing will get faster by inserting phrases from the phrasebank. It will automatically replace names and choose the correct gendered pronouns.

Finally, click the 'Copy to clipboard' button and paste the report into... wherever your reports go.

Updated on: 19/09/2020

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