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How do I create a new seating plan?

The easiest way is to follow the on-screen tutorial that will appear if you haven't yet created a seating plan.

Either click the 'Create new seating plan button' on the home page, or select the link from the 'Seating plans' menu.

From the drop down menu, select the class that you wish to make a seating plan for. If this list is empty: How do I import a new class?

Next, select the classroom that you wish to put the students into. If this list is empty: How do I create a new classroom?

If your school has a Platinum subscription, you will see a second box labelled 'School classrooms'. Instead of creating your own classroom, you can search for one created by any other teacher in your school and use that instead.

Click 'Create seating plan'.

Assuming your class fits into your classroom, a random seating plan will have been created. Now it's time to customise it.

The controls at the top allow you to automatically generate seating plans based on a variety of constraints, including 'Avoid mode' (to keep troublesome students separated) and new 'Social distancing mode' (which forces gaps between students). How do I sort by grades?

When you're happy with the settings, click 'Regenerate seating plan' to create the new layout.

8 To complete your seating plan, drag and drop the students around the classroom. Drag one student onto another to swap their positions.

Click the 'Save changes' button when you're happy with the layout.

You can adjust what appears on screen and perform other actions using the toolbar:
'Print/PDF' will print your plan or allow you to save as a PDF. How do I save my seating plan as a PDF?
'Pick student' will randomly select a student. This is handy for random questioning in class.
'Teacher perspective' will toggle the perspective of the seating plan. This is useful for displaying on an interactive whiteboard so that students can find their own seats.
'Data' will show or hide imported student data. This is useful for data protection, especially if you're displaying the plan on a whiteboard.
'Genders' toggles the gender colour coding on or off.
'Photos' toggles student photographs on or off. How do I add photos to my seating plans?
'Full seat colour coding': if you have added colour codes to your students on the 'Edit class' page, this will toggle between the colours appearing as small dots and the colours filling the whole rectangle.

Updated on: 05/09/2021

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